Ministries, Committees & Services:

Lectors, Please use this link to prepare when scheduled to read. Click on the calendar on the right side. There is an audio guide for each reading to help with pronunciation.

For more information or to participate in any of the Ministries or committees listed below, please contact the church office.
Ideas for other Ministries are welcome. Please help serve your parish by participating in any of the above ministries.

Liturgy-Spirtual Life   Religious Education
Lector/Reader   Teach PK-3, Kindergarten
Usher/Greeter   Teach grade school
Song Leader/Announcer   Teach high school
Server at Mass (boy or girl)   General help with program
Cross Bearer   Adult education classes
Gift bearer   Prayer groups
Play musical instrument   RCIA
Sing or direct choir   Sponsor in RCIA
Pray for the Parish    
Prayer Chain  
Service To Our Parish
    Serve on Parish Council
Our Ministries To The Community   St. Joseph Crafters
Visit the sick   Knights of Columbus
Volunteer at the Kitchen   PCCW
Hospice on Wheels   St. Vincent de Paul
Meals on Wheels   Parish Library
Assist at Neighborhood Center   Coffee maker for Sunday's
Transportation for the sick and elderly   Typing/telephoning
Community betterment   Painting
Visit Jail/Prison   Plumbing repairs
Alcohol/drug programs   Heating/air conditioner
Assist at Camp Renewal   Brick/concrete/stone work
Free baby-sitting if needed   Electrical/sound systems
Take Communion to nursing homes   Care of Sanctuary
Newcomers welcoming   Yard work
    Count collections
Parish Committees
  Help with mailings
Social/Administration   Window washing
Parish History Committee    


Prayer Chain: Call the Parish Office (417) 581-6328
The prayer chain is responsible for "getting the word out" when prayers are needed for anyone in the parish or a family member. Options are available for e-mail or phone chains. This requires very little time and anyone in the parish can participate.

Eucharistic Minister:
Eucharistic Ministers assist in the distribution of communion at all masses. They make a X-year commitment and serve X times per month, as well as for special feasts during the liturgical year. Training is provided.

A lector brings God's Word to life in the midst of the assembly. A lector should love, pray and study the scriptures. Beyond having a strong, clear voice, the ability to speak with ease and conviction and good interpretive skills, a lector must make deliberate and careful preparation of the scriptures. Training and materials are provided. Lectors are scheduled approximately every other month.

Altar Server:
The altar server assists the presider and enables the liturgy to proceed smoothly. Young people, grades 4 and up, as well as adults, may volunteer. Servers are responsible for keeping their commitment when scheduled. Training sessions are announced periodically in the bulletin.

Eucharistic Gift Bearers:
Eucharistic Gift Bearers bring forward the bread, wine, and water to the altar. Singles, couples, and families of all configurations are welcome to volunteer for this role.

Visual Arts Ministry:
Volunteers help with flower and fabric design, flower arranging, sewing, and visual arts in coordination with liturgical season. Ongoing help is also needed for weekly watering of the indoor plants. Green thumbs needed! Announcements are made in the bulletin. There are two planning meetings per year.

Couples, singles, or families arrive for Mass 1/2 hour early to prepare the elements for worship and set up for any special sacramental or ritual events during the liturgy (e.g. baptisms, Sprinkling Rites, etc). Training is provided.

Children's Liturgy of the Word:
Children's Liturgy of the Word is celebrated at the 9:30 liturgy on Sunday morning with children 6 years and older. Adult presiders are needed to lead the children in prayer and scripture, using materials adapted to their age level. Excellent materials as well as training support are provided.

Ushers and greeters promote a welcoming environment for all who come to the liturgy. They greet people arriving for Mass, distribute worship programs and weekly bulletins, execute collections, handle special needs or emergencies, conduct an orderly procession of bread, wine and collections, and assist the priest in providing an atmosphere conducive for the celebration.

Candle Stewards:
Singles or families can volunteer to maintain the altar and display candles, replacing candles and cleaning the holders as necessary. Scheduling is up to the volunteers at their convenience.

Launder Sacristy Linens:
All linens used in the worship service periodically need to be laundered. Linens need to be collected, washed and returned. Scheduling is up to the volunteers at their convenience.

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